HULL MAXX™️ Install on a new SACS Strider 15

Another fantastic application of Hull Maxx™️!
Hull Maxx™️ Europe team was at Marina Agana in Croatia, installing this revolutionary product on a new SACS Strider 15. RIB looks good on it’s own, but with Hull Maxx™️ it is just another level of good-lookingness!

  1. Entire hull from waterline down was sanded with 600 grit sandpaper.
  2. Afterwards we wiped all resulting dust from the hull.
  3. Because Hull Maxx™️ was applied directly to gelcoat hull here, we first applied Nasco’s Performance Adhesion promoter (primer) with a rag or applicator.
  4. Then we proceeded to coat the hull with one and only Hull Maxx™️. Just one one step of coating. Remember that!


On the left photo is the official speed test of by the manufacturer (SACS s.r.l) in Italy, on the right photo is the test of the same rib – coated with Hull Maxx™️ – done by Princess Adriatic with Volvo Penta technical team in Trogir, Croatia in May 2022.
You can clearly see that the final speed is the same. No loss of the original manufacturer speed!
With Hull Maxx™️, the boat keeps its original beauty, speed and value!

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