A word from Jonathan Lang,
yacht broker and captain

“Being a captain and yacht broker for several years now, I have seen a lot of products come and go in the boating world. So when I heard about Hull Maxx™️,  I wasn’t a believer. Then I met with Sean Kelly of @dnasurfaceconcepts, who in my opinion is the best Hull Maxx™️ applicator. He took the time to demonstrate the product and explain everything that was involved with it, pros and cons. I did my personal research and I was convinced. Took delivery of my third Bahama 41’ from my client @bahamaboatworks and had Hull Maxx™️ applied. The boat lives in the water and I have had no issues like I used to have with traditional antifouling bottom paint.”

A year later, the product is doing amazing!

When I get the boat lifted out for its 100 hour service, I use a spray bottle and vinegar with a blue brush and clean the entire bottom while boat is out. It takes about 45 minutes. The Hull Maxx™️ looks like day one after the clean.

“I lost no speed and I actually gained 3-4 mph.”

“I would recommend Hull Maxx™️ to anyone.”

“Like everything though, do your own homework and see if it suits your program.“

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