HULL MAXX™️ Install on a new
ZAR Imagine 130

Hull Maxx Europe team was this time in Porto Turistico di Jesolo, Italy!

We did the application on this splendid new ZAR Imagine 130.
What we’ve done, step by step:
  1. Entire hull from waterline down was cleaned with EPIFANES Fiberglass Prep Cleaner
    (to remove possible wax on the brand new hull),
  2. We’ve sanded the surface with red 3M Scotch-brite,
  3. Cleaned the surface with water,
  4. Another step of cleaning, this time with denatured alcohol,
  5. Because the boat is brand new and Hull Maxx™️ applied directly to gelcoat here, we have first applied Nasco’s Performance Adhesion promoter (primer) with an applicator.
  6. After waiting no more than 5min after the last step, we have proceeded to coat the hull with Hull Maxx™️. Just one one step of coating. Remember that!

3x Hull Maxx KIT = 6x Adhesion Promoter Primer and 3x 946ml Hull Maxx™️

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